About Us

Upon arrival in the country, refugees undergo a complex process of social adaptation, which can end up either with integration or with social exclusion. Refugees carry with them the trauma of forced migration and loss, but also the power of survivors. At the Foundation for Access to Rights – FAR we believe that refugees and asylum-seekers have the right to receive information as a key factor for their active inclusion in society and empowerment, which balances their disadvantaged position. Therefore, we created the online platform Refugeelife.bg, taking into account the crucial role of the modern communication technologies.

Refugeelife.bg is a self-help tool for refugees with up-to-date accessible information. This site offers you basic step-by-step instructions on how to challenge various everyday obstacles in 4 different languages from the moment you, as an asylum seeker, set your foot onto Bulgarian soil. Even the most complex judicial procedures are explained in an understandable language so that the content can be easily absorbed by all users. And of course, there is more, we have developed an interactive services map that provides detailed contact information about service providers such as hospitals, lawyers and language centers, which makes them one click away from being reached.


We strive to empower and support asylum seekers and refugees along their life journey in Bulgaria and offer them guidance and a ray of hope.


Refugeelife.bg is a proud heir of the Refugee.info platform. In 2017 the International Rescue Committee joined forces with Foundation for Access to Rights – FAR as a local partner to draft the content of the Bulgarian section and to liaise Refugee.Info with service providers in the country. However, at the end of 2018, Refugee.Info ceased the update of the Bulgaria-related content and service map and decided to take down all the materials from its platforms and hand them over to FAR. Eager to develop the positive results, achieved by Refugee.info, the idea for Refugeelife.bg was born and this was how our story began.


The Foundation for Access to Rights – FAR has solid expertise and experience in providing asylum-seekers with legal aid in Bulgaria and thus has valuable practical insight in the field.

Valeria Ilareva is our head lawyer and the founder of FAR who has more than 18 years of experience in the field of migration and asylum law. She is the mastermind behind Refugeelife.bg, who supervises and ensures that the content is legally accurate and easy to understand. 

Magdalena Miteva is our Content Editor and Service Mapping Editor. She is the one who moderates the preparation of articles and updates the content of the platform and the interactive map. 


We also embrace as part of our team the refugees who shape our content, the volunteers, the writers, the journalists, the IT personnel and many others who make it all happen and give the platform an attractive and dynamic vision.

Enjoy Refugeelife.Bg and let us know your feedback!