Finding a family member

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Where to start

If you are an asylum-seeker and have been separated from a family member on your way to Bulgaria, contact the Red Cross Restoring Family Links program. Refer to their tracing services only after you have exhausted all other means of finding/contacting your relative.

The Red Cross helps locate people, provide information about missing individuals and reunite families. They can help you exchange messages with your family members, even if they are being held in detention.

You can also seek help from the Bulgarian Red Cross. Contact them at:

  • Address: Sofia 1407, 76 James Boucher Blvd.
  • Phone: +359888668058/+359884007363
  • Email:

You will need to fill in and attach this tracing form when making the enquiry. This will give the Bulgarian Red Cross some essential information about your general family situation and the missing relative that they need to conduct an adequate search inside or outside Bulgaria. All information you share with the Bulgarian Red Cross is strictly confidential unless you state otherwise.

You can fill in the tracing form on your own and email it or with the help of one of the BRC employees, if you experience any difficulties or have problems understanding the language.

All services offered by the Bulgarian Red Cross are free of charge.

Requirements to be eligible to receive support

The only requirements are that:

  • You must currently reside in Bulgaria
  • You must have been separated from a family member due to war, conflict or some kind of disaster (natural or manmade)
  • You must have absolutely no knowledge about the whereabouts of your family member

What you can do

Go to Trace the Face page, where you will find photographs of people who are also looking for their relatives. If you see that someone is searching for you and would like to reconnect with that person, contact the Bulgarian Red Cross.

You can also ask the Bulgarian Red Cross to publish your own photo online after you have filed an official tracing request.

In the meantime, you can also try tracing your relatives or see if there is any information about them on ICRC’s Online Tracing page.

For more information about BRC’s online tool, have a look at this video.