Finding a family member


Legal and financial assistance for family reunification

Foundation for Access to Rights - FAR will provide assistance to 10 refugees, who wish to start or are already undergoing the family reunification procedure in Bulgaria. The assistance will consist of free legal advice on the family reunification procedure, covering the costs of language translation of documents, covering other costs (e.g. travel costs, visa, etc.) and assistance with initial integration through contacting national authorities and NGOs that provide integration services.

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Finding a family member

Where to start

If you are an asylum-seeker and have been separated from a family member on your way to Bulgaria, contact the Red Cross Restoring Family Links program. Refer to their tracing services only after you have exhausted all other means of finding/contacting your relative.

The Red Cross helps locate people, provide information about missing individuals and reunite families. They can help you exchange messages with your family members, even if they are being held in detention.