Информация и възможности за търсещи закрила и бежанци

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Refugee Ocean
Refugee Ocean

Information and opportunities for asylum-seekers and refugees

Refugee Ocean is an online platform connecting asylum-seekers and refugees with the local community. They help you find the help you need for yourself, your family, friends, or refugees you know who need help.

You can find support and activities, including:

  • Events and activities
  • Educational opportunities
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Job ads
  • Clothing and other donations
  • Information about living in Bulgaria
  • Information about refugee-related projects
  • Map of important addresses

You can send questions to the Refugee Ocean team using the platform's "Questions & Answers".

You can also send fundraising and other needs using the "Needs" section.

Additional Information

NGOs can share information about the projects they are working on in the "Projects" section.

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